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QCVE Community

The age of Quantum computing is coming.  When this happens, any digital system that uses existing public standards for public key cryptography could be vulnerable to an attack by a Cryptanalytically Relevant Quantum Computer (CRQC)*. We believe that not all such vulnerabilities and exposures in existing digital systems are properly identified, nor the consequential impact comprehensively understood.

This QCVE (Quantum Computing Vulnerabilities are Everywhere) portal serves as a platform to build greater awareness of these issues and enhance the understanding of the potential threats arising therein with the aim to develop appropriate post-quantum cybersecurity solutions to address them.  


If you have any interest in exploring these issues in-depth or have any ideas as to what some of the vulnerabilities and exposures could be, how they could be addressed etc, join the QCVE Community! We welcome you to share your thoughts and ideas within the community using this QCVE portal!

* CRQC- a quantum computer of sufficient size and sophistication capable of undermining current public-key cryptographic algorithms.

The QCVE Community


Programme Leader

pQCee Pte Ltd is the founding sponsor for QCVE. We will take the lead in pushing community projects to

  • drive awareness in quantum computing;

  • build tools to identify quantum-related cybersecurity vulnerabilities; and

  • create governance and risk frameworks on how to mitigate and validate the solutions

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is responsible for the stewardship of the Community Programme. Its primary role is to oversee the programme by setting the mission and direction and establishing the code of conduct and ethics for the programme.

Check back soon to see who are our advisors.

Technical Reviewers

Technical reviewers review submissions put forward by the community members and provide input and guidance on these submissions.

Reviewers are generally regarded as domain experts in the vulnerability management and reporting field. These members may include individuals from the academia, research institutes as well as the commercial space such as product vendors who represent the needs of their companies and customers.

Reviewers may also include respected leaders within the cybersecurity community who help bring credibility to submissions.


The Secretariat’s main role and responsibility is to provide the necessary operational and administrative support to ensure the smooth operation of the Programme. 


If you have any questions or would like to join the QCVE Community, click the button below to contact the Secretariat.

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